June 2015 – The Research on Effective Government: Inspection and Compliance Workshop

The Research on Effective Government: Inspection and Compliance Workshop, co-sponsored by the Maryland Center for Economics and Policy at the University of Maryland and the Harvard Business School, was a forum for in-depth discussion of how research can inform effective strategies for achieving regulatory compliance. Participants included academic researchers and leaders from a variety of enforcement agencies. Sessions at the workshop focused on improving the targeting of firms for inspections, the conduct of inspections once an inspector arrives on site, enforcement actions such as fining violators or imposing other sanctions, and other actions that can be taken to improve compliance. The program also included panel discussions on future challenges in compliance, data resources available for studying compliance activities, new directions in academic research on compliance, and new agency initiatives.

Download the Key Takeaways from the June 2015 Inspection and Compliance Workshop

Presentation Slides

Presentation Slides from the June, 2015 Inspection and Compliance Workshop

A number of presenters from our recent workshop have graciously agreed to have their slides posted online. These slides are uploaded below and organized according to the portion of the workshop they were presented in; for reference, a copy of the workshop agenda may be found here.

Session 1: Effective Targeting

Session 2: Effective Enforcement

Session 3: Inspectors

Session 4: Enhancing compliance by leveraging forces beyond inspections and enforcement actions

Panel 1: Future compliance challenges

Panel 2: Data Developments

Panel 3: Looking Ahead